asv Holding

ASV Holding was founded in 2016 by Altınbaş Holding Chairman of the Executive Board Vakkas Altınbaş and Vice President of the Executive Board Sofu Altınbaş in the light of the culture of Altınbaş Holding, which was founded in 1950.

Asv Holding

General Information

Human Resources

It is a long-established business that reached success in its business life with the harmony and power of teamwork and deems this added value is human resources. Undoubtedly, the share of our employees is great in our achieved successes.

Our HR Culture

  • The participation of individuals who can develop the vision and strategies of the holding,
  • Providing a working space where they can reflect their creativity and express their original ideas,
  • Supporting their personal development and desires to learn,
  • Adopts in line with the innovative human resources policies.

Our Companies


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